Family Fun

Easy for Kids to Learn

When afternoon rolls around, it is time to turn up the fun and enjoy the H2X with your kids or friends, because as remarkable as the H2X is for fitness, we also designed it to be the perfect backyard fun center, year-round.

Regularly-sized spas are great for relaxation, but the larger H2X models provide the size needed for more fun with more people. The extra length of the H2X provides enough space for children or grandchildren to play and release energy, while you relax within the cocoon of the therapeutic jets.

  • Family and friends enjoying an H2X Swim Spa
  • Girl floating in innertube towards edge of spa
  • Girl smiling and holding goggles in H2X Swim spa

All H2X fitness spas are ideal for year-round enjoyment and learning. Children can learn how to swim for the very first time in a very safe and controlled environment where they feel comfortable and at ease. Installation takes only one day, but the enjoyment will last a lifetime!

For more information view our Backyard Planning Guide

Did you know....

Spending time with family contributes to personal well-being?

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